Friday, September 30, 2011

around town

Just some misc shots from around my little town. Sometimes I forget how pretty parts of it are.
The hand painted sign on the original newspaper building. I remember years ago when my mom moved to a very small town in Ohio, I thought it was hysterical that the paper only came out once a week. Well, our poor little paper is down to once a week now too. Damn economy.
This is a big fancy house on the outskirts of town. It's lavishly landscaped and I bet it was impressive when it was new. The large grounds are all fenced in like a Mafia compound and it's just going to wrack and ruin. Damn economy. Sorry, did I say that already?
There's a little winery tasting room on the south side of town, on one of the roads that goes off into the boonies. We were coming back from breakfast and I spotted the light coming thru the vines and made a quick U-ie so I could snap a couple pics. I love the way grapevines look and intend to put some of them in the backyard as soon as I figure out when they should be planted and where I want them.

The same vines shot in portrait. I may need to put that one on the wall. Love it.

A shabby little house north of town. It's a wreck but look at all those windows and that wonderfully aged fence. I want it in my backyard, next to the grapevines, with sweet peas climbing all over it. I always fantasize about these places, about what the floor plan must be like and how I'd fix it up, what its history might be. Sometimes I create whole stories for them.

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