Monday, September 12, 2011

OMG apple pie !!!

I outdid myself in the kitchen today.

Just look at that pie. Is it gorgeous or what?? And it tastes good. I couldn't wait to let it cool and sliced into about 17 seconds after I snapped this pic. Yum...

A couple weeks ago someone at work brought in a whole bag of fairly small apples. I took them home and peeled every damn one, then proceeded to make two inedible pies. The disappointment stuck with me enough that I bought more apples at the store yesterday, determined to make pie I could actually eat.

I followed a 3 page pie crust recipe and my crust is so light and flaky... I can't even think of a good enough metaphor or simile to make you understand how good it is. I'd give you a link to the blog except I closed the blasted site and can't remember either the name of it or the blog where I found the link originally. But her main point was to keep everything COLD. Your hands, the bowl, the butter - everything. And it worked.


  1. OMG, I can taste it through the screen. And you did a great job of photographing it. Flaky crust, beautiful top with cut vent holes. Yum, yum. Reminds me of my mother...who was indeed an apple pie mom. Hope you had a piece of pie with cheese or ice cream and remember to have a piece for breakfast like on the farm. Wonderful, Les. xoxo bb

  2. I'm having a "virtual" slice right now - looks absolutely DELISH Leslie....