Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For some unknown reason, I got a serious hankering for a scone at 7:30 this evening.

Scones are an iffy thing for me - sometimes light and yummy, other times flat and dense, a better door stop than anything else. But this recipe has been the most consistently successful for me, so I went to work and by 8:15, I had this:
O-mazing, right? And they tasted every bit as good as they look. I held myself to only one (the biggest one
on the cookie sheet) with a glass of cold milk. Mm-mmm-mm.

I like my scones sweet, so I add at least an additional T of sugar to the dough, plus I brush them with milk and sprinkle more sugar on top before baking. I also give me craisins a rough chop so that they're more spread thru out the scone. Sometimes I add chopped dark chocolate, but I was lazy tonite and didn't bother.

If you love scones, give the recipe a try. I find I do best when I don't over-think it. Just throw every thing together, don't stir too much, and you might end up with an equally gorgeous bunch of scones.


  1. I should have covered my eyes before looking at this before eating this morning - now I'm hungry for scones.
    The Autograph album reminds me so much of my own school days in London (in the 1940's). Everyone had their own clever little saying to add to each other's albums, all the clever ones were used up, so I worked hard at making up my own special, never-before-seen saying, wish I'd kept those albums of long ago - but don't we all say that?

  2. You need a reaction button that says Yum. They look so good. I love scones and not with clotted cream...good ole real butter will do and right out of the oven. Can't wait to see what you cook up next.:&)) bb

  3. Here's another secret I found out about scones...because. they are "iffy" for me too... instead of milk, use heavy cream. Something about the cream and real butter in them makes the insides absolutely wonderful and fluffy while keeping the outside perfectly crunchy.