Monday, September 26, 2011

serious retail therapy

A couple days ago my husband left on fishing trip. A week long fishing trip. On a large boat. Those aren't especially cheap. Now I'm not one of those women who feels that just because their husband spent $79.95 on a brand new whiz-bang whatever, that they get to run out and spend an equivalent $79.95 just to keep things 'even.' No.

But I DO feel that when said husband is off enjoying himself immensely while I'm home taking care of the animals, the business, the everything, that I should get to go have at least a little fun.

So I went shopping! First stop was the thrift store where I scored a black skirt as part of my Goth Halloween costume for $1.99. Also bought a funky little vase cause I'm determined to keep more flowers around the house and all I had was a couple great big ones.

Then off to the little antique mall in the next town over. It isn't huge, as those things go, about 50 vendors, but I never fail to find good stuff. This time I hit the jackpot.

(since I can never get @&#% Blogger to put my text where I want it in relation to the photos, I'm going to use the caption feature)    All these images are at my camera setting of 180 dpi, so you might want to wait until I get them scanned at 300 dpi before saving them to use, altho if 180 works for you, go for it.
An old ledger from a gas station that also sold a few groceries, kinda the forerunner of 7-11s,
I guess. It has months and days but no year...

Every single thing they sold each and every day was written into this ledger in pencil.
If you double click on the pic, you can see that some of the gas sales were noted
as 'ethel,' the good stuff.

'Pop' and candy were each a nickel. Gas was 16 cents a gallon. Can you imagine? 
I picked out a bunch of cabinet cards and old pictures from an unmarked basket and when she started
adding them up at 3 for $5, I tried to stop her cause I said I couldn't afford them all. She just wrote
down $15 and went onto the next item. So I got 19 of them for $15. Score!!!  I'll be giving away that
duplicate of the lady with the white bow, so stay tuned and let your friends know.

Isn't she lovely? Look how smooth her skin is.
She oughta look ridiculous with that tulle pom-pom on top of her head,
but instead she looks almost regal, like an early Russian princess.

And this one... no jewelry, no hat, no frilly collar. Just that lovely up swept hair and
those haunting eyes. I would love to know her story.

The gents and couples, including the sisters grim in the back.

I love this guy. I'd've gone after him in a New York minute if he'd been around when I was single.

This friendship album was in a locked case so I figured it cost a bundle. I asked her to get it out anyway
so I could look at it. Imagine my surprise when I found I could afford it.
It was marked $15 and she was having a 30% off sale. I couldn't believe my luck.

This is the oldest inscription in the album. 1883. Almost 130 years old and it's still in very good shape.
I'll share all the pages as I get them scanned. I may even give one away.

Last but not least, three old doilies and a crocheted pillowcase edging. All four for $5.
I had a really good day...


  1. You really did have a good day - brilliant finds and real bargains! Well done.

    Love the comment from the teacher in the friendship book - I wonder if 'Lanta' took her advice?!

  2. OMG, what fun. I just love it when Mr. leaves town, gives license for thrifting. And what great finds, I especially love the album with the beautiful handwriting. What will you do with all of those ladies and gents? I bet the doilies will go on one of your book covers. How long did you say he'd be gone? Can get some serious artsy stuff done. :^))

  3. What would my nephew say - SICK! which apparently means really good but lost on his poor Aunt (LOL) - love your stuff Leslie...J