Friday, September 30, 2011

found in a field

I drive past this area every day. It's the unused strip of land between the outer edge of the mall and the fenced properties beyond. Every now and then it gets mowed, and they till it up a couple times a year. Various things sprout there, depending on what the wind blew in. A few weeks ago, I spotted these gorgeous sunflowers and stopped to snap a few shots. Once I got out into the field, I saw the small brilliantly white ones and the dried weeds. My mom loved dried weeds and had them stuck here and there all over her house. I've inherited the same fondness for them, I guess.
These things were sooo blindingly white. I played with this in Photoshop for a while, trying to get more detail in the flower itself but this is the best my mad PS skilz could do.
I love this shot. The industrial power lines and tower in back with the wild and crazy flowers growing like they were in the best garden in the world. A good reminder to grow where you're planted...

I enhanced this quite a bit in PS and love how they look sort of menacing with all their spikes and pointy parts.

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