Monday, August 8, 2011

Lenna's creative swaps

I've done several of Lenna's swaps since I discovered them. The Little Books swap. The Vintage Notecards swap, which I apparently have failed to blog about. <sigh> The Mail Art swap, also no blog post. I guess that was before I was blogging more regularly. Or it happened when work was crazy ass busy, or something.

Anyway, Lenna has hit the milestone of 1000 blog posts, so she's having a giveaway. I sort of hate to give you the link cause it will just reduce my odds of winning, but I shouldn't be so stingy, huh?

All right - here it is.

The Creative Swaps button is in my right sidebar, as well.

Thanks for great swaps, Lenna!


  1. thanks so much for the kind words, Leslie. I have you down for 3 chances to win!!

  2. Hey, You just cut my chances down! Boy, oh boy, what will I do? Watch for the cowgirl Mailart. I sent it out today.