Saturday, June 25, 2011

little books - post 4 - Julie

My third little book is from Julie, a member of our little mail art group, so it was great getting one from her. Plus, this book is very cool. It's made from one sheet of paper, folded and cut to make a small 4 page book. This is a technique that Lenna pointed out to us when we signed up. I made a few like this but ended up not using them for the swap. For this one, Julie used images and text from an old Danish gardening book and I love the old muted colors and the vintage images. Plus, I love to garden.
I think this one is going in my kitchen some place so I can see it every day. I just bought a new little shelf thing at a yard sale this morning that might be perfect. Julie also decorated the envelope and printed out a note about the book. Enjoy.

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  1. Arn't you happy I did not leave the title as Fertilizer (LOL). I'm honoured you are going to have in your kitchen - also can't wait to hear about your new studio!