Saturday, June 25, 2011

little books - post 3 - Sarah

Sarah's book is stitched and beaded and amazing. She went around the entire outer edge of the cover and stitched on approximately 500 beads, by my reckoning. Yikes! I can hardly see to thread beading needles anymore so getting this was a real treat. The covers are soft and bendy but nicely padded, not sure what's inside them. The inside is 3 signatures of what feels like card stock, in white, perfect for a small sketch book. Here are the photos.

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  1. Cool all three of your books are so different. And you are NOT the only one who curses Blogger and the way to load photos - I am seriously considering going elsewhere (if I have the enought time and energy). If you come up with a better alternative let me know....

    ...and if you want to do our own wee book exchange let me know (maybe in the Fall) I really wanted to try some different things after I saw what other folks did....