Friday, June 17, 2011

icad 6/14 - 6/17

My index cards for the last 4 days. This is still fun. I expect they'll end up in journals or glued to mail art or something. Don't think I'll want to save them as a set for any reason. I don't have much comment about these. I do them on the couch in the evening, when I'm tired and not up for much else than a 3x5 whatever. So I draw or glue or... I guess that's it, actually - I draw or glue.
Sorry for the crummy image quality. I suppose I should turn on either a light or the flash when it's almost 8pm outside and I'm trying to shoot too far from a window.


  1. Nice! I think I passed the deadline to start. I suppose I could fake it. I really like this pink and green it stamped or paper. I like the way you took the detail out and used it. The doodle card idea will surely show up on one of those projects you are taking from class. I love the birds! maybe you could make them into a stamp. :>>))

  2. I missed this one Leslie - what a great idea! I do have my "book" where I try to capture things and do a little (very little) doodling. I watched a couple of online videos with Water Colour Pencil tutorials today - man I really am getting serious about this stuff (LOL)...