Monday, June 13, 2011


Index Card A Day = icad. Do something on an index card every day during the summer. Start by June 16 and go thru August. I've been watching this on Daisy Yellow's blog  since she started it. At first, I wasn't real interested, but eventually the pressure got to me and I've been doing them for a few days now. Since the taking a picture/scanning, loading, blogging thing takes time, I'll be posting them a week's worth at a time. I started on the 11th, so here's my first three.

I love pink and green together. My guest room is shabby chic pink and green and I love that room. I have an old quilt on the wall and another on the bed, an old white bookcase, an old sewing machine cabinet painted white for a bedside table. It's a great room. So my first card was pink and green papers. The green is a page from an old book that I painted green for another project and had leftover.

6/12 is a list of things I had to do that day. Housecleaning of any sort is very low on my list of things to do, hence dusting got bumped for shopping. It's colored with Copic markers.

6/13 is a spider wed mandala. I used to always put a spider and web on my crazy quilts, and still like to use that design. More Copics. I love those things...


  1. Love it! So the pressure is on me too, because I was going to start this too. You continue to be my inspiration. bb

  2. I've been doing ICAD too! I really like the to-do list card. I can relate to not dusting and shopping instead :) The blue and green combo is nice!

  3. dust (nah)
    LOVE IT.
    my sentiments exactly.