Sunday, January 8, 2012

cabinet card hanging

Sugar Lump Studios has a lot of wonderful projects, vintage-y things made from materials I often already have. This post, featuring cabinet cards turned into wall hangings, really grabbed me, so yesterday when I got home from work, I rounded up the lace, buttons, glue, and wire, then spent a few minutes flipping thru my cabinet cards until I found one that appealed to me.

I rummaged thru my lace drawers, auditioning several pieces before I settled on the ones I used. The buttons took even longer. I almost went with MOP, but really liked the way the dark ones looked. After I punched the holes for the wire, I realized the card was more brittle than I'd thought, so I glued a strip of lace completely around the top of the card, to help reinforce it a bit. Worked well.

The bottom piece of lace isn't quite as white as the photos appear. It blends well with the other laces. And the bottom picture is a very odd color. I fiddled with it in PS but to no avail.

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  1. Leslie
    thank you so much for sharing your beautiful cabinet card project! It turned out fantastic! I also love the photo of your studio area at the top of your blog! Hope to create more with you in 2012! :)