Sunday, January 8, 2012

husband gone fishing...

A couple times a year my husband goes deep sea fishing for a couple weeks. I love it when he's gone - all housework is suspended and other than going to work, I spend the entire time doing everything I like - arting, thrifting, cruising the antique mall (more on today's trip in a later post), eating cereal two meals a day and Taco Bell or pizza for the third one. (just kidding - I don't eat quite that badly. But close.)

Last nite in bed, I made a journal spread about it. The phrase Home Alone came to mind, and then in a rush, 'man gone fishing, woman gone wild' burst into my head, so I wrote it out real quick and did the rest of the page from there. The tape was some that held swap packages closed. I carefully peeled it loose and saved it until now. As I worked, I drank hot chocolate and ate cookies, alternately feeding myself and then the dog a piece. Maggie likes cookies in bed almost as much as I do. I never go to bed before DH but when he's gone, I go up as early as 8pm and read or art. And always with a hot drink and cookies. Bliss.

Acrylic wash background was done a long time ago.
Used black Pitt Artist pens, gel pens, copic markers.
And that's was supposed to be a pork chop at 9 o'clock on the plate,
along with peas, a roll and fries.


  1. I really to proud to say your blog go to peak. I always welcomed your blog. By Regards Door Hangers

  2. Housewife gone wild! I love it. And I think your journal is neat. What else to do but eat cookies in bed and be artsy! Yeay!

  3. OMG my dog's name is Maggie too! Too funny! LOVE love the idea of just art all the time... can't wait for more vacation to do that myself!