Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm famous

Julie FFB, one of my favorite artsy bloggers, is running a series of 'how to get organized' posts intended to make you more productive when you have time to art. She put out a call for organizational ideas and I responded. Today's post is about storage containers and I'm one of the three featured crafters. What fun to see myself out in public, so to speak. Go take a look. Thanks, Julie!


  1. Loved seeing your tips and then finding your blog from Julie FBB's organization tips! Always nice to see another Northern California art journal artist online (I am in Sacto) and doubly excited to see your take on turning 60 as I get there this coming summer! Looking forward to exploring your blog more this weekend!

  2. Wow Leslie - you sure made me rethink some of my storage areas in my "studio" - great ideas....J