Thursday, April 26, 2012

17 years

Last Sunday Steve and I passed a milestone. We've been married 17 years. Neither of us has done hardly anything for 17 years worth, mostly particularly stay married, so it was with some satisfaction that we ventured forth that morning to acquire a microwave cart. Our m/w is large and takes up too much room on the counter, so we moved the kitchen table over and made a space that we thought would work.

Four stores later, we still hadn't even come across a microwave cart, never mind bought one, but we had managed to purchase a pricey Dyson vacuum, some banister brackets, drawer handles for the router table Steve built 10 years ago and never put handles on, and a couple venti Starbucks.
pricey Dyson vacuum lurking at the door to my pantry
While wandering around Home Despot, we took a look at the DIY kitchen cabinets and ended up buying one that we brought home, put casters and a top on, then rolled into the kitchen and wa-la - a microwave cart. Works great and now the entire end of the counter is free for my baking station. Yay.

I went grocery shopping later and bought myself some flowers - the oddest color carnations I've ever seen. Man has done so much mutation and grafting and genetic modification of nature that I have no idea if this is something that occurs naturally or was achieved in the laboratory. Whatever the origin, I love the colors. Greeny/mauvey.

The Cadillac dealer across the street from the store went out of business a couple years ago and since then, I have helped myself to their abundant roses since otherwise they bud, bloom and die with no appreciation whatsoever, which just seems wrong. So there's a big pot of roses on my counter right now also. 

 And that's how my 17 year wedding anniversary went...


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    I've seen hydrangeas that color, but never carnations!

    Good for you, for rescuing the roses. They're beautiful.

    What does Maggie think of the Dyson?

  2. Congratulations on another year of bliss! I once winnowed great northern beans on my wedding anniversary. Whatever! It's the day after Christmas and nobody wantd to go out or spend more money. LIke many of the other holidays, it's just another day. Now, birthday's, that's different. I plan to spend a whole week celebrating mine.
    Beautiful flowers! Hugs.