Wednesday, April 18, 2012

garden time

We're not going to get to the raised bed this summer, I don't think. We wanna put some fruit trees in and I think you're supposed to plant those in the fall. But I hit up Wally World and OSH for some plants and dirt on Monday and got a bunch of things planted.

We had so many empty 5gal paint cans that I decided to use those instead of buying more big plastic pots that only last a year or two. Last year my tomatoes sucked, but I'm going to be better about feeding, etc and have hopes for a bumper crop. Also, seems like I'm getting these planted late but oh well. I'm just one woman, after all.
Maggie and one of the free tubs I got at the rental place one day. Saw them sitting in a pile and asked if that was the trash pile. The guy said yeah so I started digging. I think wished he had said no after I threw several things in the back of the truck lol. This one has Armenian cukes and some flowers.

Three paint buckets of tomatoes - 2 Sweet 100 and one... something I don't recall at the moment. 

A pot of flowers and a stack of rocks.
A flower from the previous pot pic.

The garden ornament (aka broken umbrella stand) from the rental place trash pile, a couple pots of flowers and a few stacks of rocks, all adorning the raised bed wall.

Long shot of the patio as of Monday evening. Since then I planted the other tub with a couple pepper plants and some flowers), one more bucket of tomatoes, and a standing planter that I positioned right behind the bird bath. And added a bird feeder from The Walmarts. I really enjoy watching the birds. We have a pair of mourning doves who live in the yard behind us (I think) but often dine in my yard or settle into the dirt to take a sun bath.


  1. Man you've been busy! I did some weeding last weekend but it has turned cold (again) so will be awhile before I do any container planters...Looks like a great party patio!

  2. I agree with J. Looks like a great space for a cookout. Are we invited? And it looks like you have a garden guard dog. Maybe he could pull weeds when he is on duty. Hugs. bb