Wednesday, April 11, 2012

no internet, dyed eggs, llama toenails

How's that for a mixed bag?  We moved a couple weeks ago and I have internet only on my wireless laptop. But all my fun photo software is on my pc, so I've been transferring things back and forth on an external hard drive. Tedious all by itself, but when you add in the slow wireless connection, it's killing me. That's why no blog posts lately. But right now I'm at work with a few spare minutes, so I wanted to get something up so that all 9 of my precious followers don't give up in disgust at my lack of content.

I read about various ways to dye eggs and ended up trying the silk tie method. Only had one tie handy but it came out very cool and definitely need to try this again, and actually remember to add the vinegar to the water lol.

 On Easter Sunday afternoon, I went out to the home of the mother of a guy I work with who has llamas. The mother has llamas, just to clarify that last sentence. Two of them needed their toenails trimmed and they thought I might be helpful since I'm used to working around horses. Since llama feet and horse feet are completely different, I'm not sure what the logic was, but it turned out I was quite helpful. Don't have enough time to elaborate so here's some pics for now. Longer post next week when I have time to breathe again.
What a face, huh?
They were very curious so I have about 20 shots like this.

Junk food llamas. Me feeding Wheat Thins to the llamas.
They mostly didn't care for the apples I brought since they're used to Wheat Thins.

Toenail trimming with pruning shears.

Wa-la! Finished llama with trimmed toenails and hacked off coat.
I'm sure she was glad to be done with us.


  1. Love it! Would have loved to have been there! - Farrah

  2. Wow, am I ever impressed. First, the egg turned out fabulous. And, trimming llama toenails...I'm surprised that they stood still so you could do the trimming. What a gas!! You know, you will be getting calls now from miles around to manicure toenails for llamas . LOL bb