Monday, June 18, 2012

garden update

There's a problem with saying you're going to do something on a regular basis. At least for me. The minute I say that, I don't do whatever it is. Kind of like the New Year's Resolution version of Murphy's Law. Or something like that. Anyway, here's an overdue garden update.

The tomatoes have gone berserk.
Actually, there's lots of plant and not so many tomatoes but the tide is starting to turn.
This is such a nice view of the yard. We sit out here almost every evening,
(table and chairs are just out of sight to the right, in the shade)
and in the mornings we walk around, cereal bowls in hand, inspecting everything.

You can just see the zucchini plant, 3rd one back on the left.
It's getting huge and I picked our first few zukes this morning.
Three down, 285 to go...

Maggie on the way to somewhere, ripening tomatoes behind her.
The shrubs along the fence are all doing well. Love that oleander.
The grass is about a foot deep, thick and lush. Maggie has to sort of bound thru it.
Due to be cut this afternoon.

There's a big cuke hanging down the left side of the tub. See it there behind the leaves?
Peppers are starting to turn colors, so fun to see the daily changes.

Long view of the raised bed. The fruit trees are all doing well, getting taller and filling out.
Still have 7 peaches on the tree and 1 charming little pear.
That's dark opal basil in the foreground, gorgeous plant.
See all the sprouting birdseed under the feeder?
It's a problem but I'm not willing to do without the birds, I love watching them. 

You can just see some tomatoes beginning to ripen at left.
The basil in the foreground is doing really well. Love my patio!

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