Monday, June 25, 2012

polyvore #1

Made the mistake of thumbing thru Sommerset Digital Studio at the bookstore on Sunday morning. It has articles on digital art making, specifically Polyvore and phone apps. The issue came home with me and within 48 hours I'd signed up for Polyvore and made a collage. Definitely different from Photoshop, and I haven't got it all figured out yet, but I like my first effort and some of the art others have done is spectacular.

I started out with the pink paper. Added the floor plan and the window, thinking to make some sort of statement about houses and homes, but then I kept finding more elements I liked, and I couldn't figure out how to grab elements that were already buried under other elements, so it became something else. I custom-cut the banner from an image, flipped it, layered some text over it to knock the brightness down a bit. Liked the circle imagery so I added them with no real plan. Finally put a paint splatter in the window cause it looked too bare. Pretty fun. This would make a good journal page background. Feel free to grab it.

So... I'm hooked. Yet another art form to dabble in. 

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