Saturday, June 9, 2012

phone phlowers (or maybe fone flowers)

Got a smart phone a few months ago (finally) and first thing I did was download a bunch of camera apps. Because that's what smart phones are for, right? Too. Much. Fun. My favorite one is FX Camera, and specifically the toy camera filter. But the Polaroid filter is cool too. How did I ever make it thru the day without a smart phone???

dead leaves in pink pot - this is the toy filter, makes everything a little yellowy
and emphasizes the shadows

past-their-prime roses - the toy filter again

one of my hydrangeas - toy filter here and the polaroid filter below

the same hydrangea buds as above only using the polaroid filter - the pink effect looks great on these flowers

more hydrangeas, more toy filter
same shot, polaroid filter


  1. Love what you can do with these apps. The hydrangea with the yellow polaroid filter is really great. One of my friends entered the multi=media show using photography, scanner, and computer to make an image. Turned out really neat. No wonder you are having so much fun. Very artsy! Hugs. bb

  2. God Leslie what have you become - a tech head LOL! Though I have to say your hydrangeas are pretty cool, especially the second to last pic ...

  3. I still can't quite believe the detail and sharpness of phone photos at all....they are better than a lot of cameras..... expensive cameras..

    one blog I visit is a photographer's blog....and she has some amazing phone shots.... for a while it seemed she had given up on her regular camera....

    1. It's amazing, isn't it? I resisted getting a smart phone until I found one that had a killer camera. I bought a Droid Incredible 2 and am very happy with it.
      What's the photo blog you visit? I love good photography blogs.