Monday, May 28, 2012

weekend garden check

I'm gonna try real hard to take pics of the garden each weekend so that I have a visual record of how things grew. Or didn't. Our tomatillo plant looks like a gonner but I'm not gonna yank him yet cause he's actually got one teeny little tomatillo growing. It's about 1/4" in diameter but already has the faceted sides. Very cute.

All the trees look good. The peach didn't drop all the little peaches that it came from the nursery with. I thought it might from transplant shock but so far, so good. The trees have all grown a bit, as have the shrubs. The sod appears to settling in well, except for a patch out front that gets missed by the sprinkler, I think. 
Armenian cukes in the near tub, 4 different peppers in the far one. Basil in the crock. All growing like crazy.

Leslie, Maggie, and Steve between the cukes and peppers.
Maggie popped her head up at the last minute and hid my smile.
Like my dirty knees? We just got done laying plastic under
the bird feeder area and I'd been crawling all around.

Steve's test shot to make sure we'd all fit in the frame. I don't have many pics of me that I like
but this one looks like me and I like that it's out in the garden. Still got dirty knees tho.

Shot from the far left side of the patio. Left row of plants are squash, melon, and cukes.
Center row is 4 more pepper plants.
Right row is 4 more tomatoes. (Julie, we should have tons of tomatoes for your visit!)
Far right row of small plants is yet more peppers. It's gonna be pepper city here come July and August.
Shot from the far right side of the patio. 5 kinds of basil, then various herbs further down.
Shot of the uncovered part of the patio and the raised bed. The neighbor's huge pink oleander is gorgeous -
just my shade of pink. This is a really nice view of the yard. Can't hardly see any houses, just peaceful nature (and some concrete...) I wanna get a fire pit for out here in the cool evenings, but haven't convinced S yet.

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  1. Your garden looks pretty darn good to me dirty knees and all (the other Julie) LOL