Friday, July 13, 2012

freebie album pages

I scored an autograph album from 1928 the other day while out thrifting and antiquing with my friend Julie. The 4 days she visits each July are packed with art making (this year was jewelry), thrifting, yakking, checking out each other's blog rolls, catching up on mutual friends, etc. Wonderful break for me from the crazy days of summer at work.

Anyway we were in the local antique mall looking around my favorite vendor booth when the vendor herself showed up. When she found out I was looking for old papers, she grabbed up a couple things and handed them to me with the announcement "I'll mark these down since they've been here a while."  Um... ok. This little album went from $10 to $6 but I would happily have paid $12 LOL. Hope she's not reading this. Anyway, it's in great shape, is just the color green I love and has all sorts of good stuff inside. I cleaned up the cover a bit in photoshop but all the other pages are just as they look in real life with vibrant colors and clean edges. Amazing since it's 84 years old. I'll post some of the autographed pages over the weekend.

All the scans are 300dpi so download away and have fun with them. You're welcome to sell items made using the images, just please don't sell the images themselves.

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