Saturday, July 21, 2012

peaches, peppers, tomatoes - oh my!

Did a drive-by photo shoot this morning before I ran out the door to garage sale a bit before heading to work. We're having a great time with our garden, walking around it morning and evening, pointing out new developments such as the 5 inches the zucchini grew in the 10 hours we were at work. Zucchini is crazy. So is fennel, we've discovered. Our fennel plant that started out about 6 inches tall is now about four and a half feet. Unreal. I didn't know it could even get that big. Our basil is insane too. I'll post tomorrow about the basil and my first pesto making effort. Meantime, here's this morning's pics.
First up, these are San (somethings) can't remember.  San Marzanos maybe.
They aren't Romas but some other paste tomato that grows long and skinny.
Very cute and quite prolific.
We have high hopes of making spaghetti sauce if enuf of them ripen at once.

Green Early Girls.
I usually don't have much luck with full size tomatoes but these are doing great,
prolly cause it's the first year using the dirt. Tons of green ones on the plant. 

And almost ripe Early Girls.
I'm going to eat tomatoes on everything from eggs to sandwiches to buttered toast.
We made bruschetta the other night and it was amazing. We used to order it at
California Pizza Kitchen as an appetizer and loved it. The batch we made was
every bit as tasty. Ate it on toasted French bread with a slice of mozzarella on top
straight out of the broiler. O.M.G. It was good.
I love fresh backyard tomatoes and altho these may indeed cost the proverbial
$300 each, I don't care. We've gotten a ton of enjoyment from the garden this year

Either banana peppers or Anaheims, not sure.
We have 12 or 14 different types of peppers growing and I just can't
keep them all straight. Always have to look at the little tag.
We've been putting them in scrambled eggs, stuffing them with a variety of things,
sticking them on our lunch sandwiches, just trying lots of things
cause we have so many.

And last but certainly not least - ripening peaches.
Aren't they lovely? I'm so thrilled to have fruit trees after living in CA for 30
and never having any. There are 9 or 10 peaches on the tree
and they all look about like this - hard as a baseball
but starting to look like a real peach.