Monday, July 16, 2012

Lenna's prayer flag swap

Lenna has got a prayer flag swap going and I think there are a few spots left. Altho I'm not a religious person, once I read up on prayer flags, I liked the concept well enough to join. Pretty much the only requirements were a final size of 5" wide x 8" tall with a sleeve at the top for hanging.

I started out with a couple old damask napkins from my stash, no telling when I bought them but for sure they're from a thrift store. I cut them into the proper sizes, then did some stamping on a few of them with an old Tibetan wood block I got from a weird little junk store when I first moved to CA. It didn't print real well, so I lost my oomph for the project and they sat on my work table for a couple weeks.

Then I decided to dye the fabric with various spray inks and distress stains. That was a lot of fun and I got happy with them again. Did some more stamping with a dot-textured roller from my husband's Garage of Gadgets and made some big arcs with the cardboard inner roll from a large roll of packing tape.

Found a scrap of upholstery fabric sample from years ago when my friend Moneka gave me literally boxes of sample books that an upholstery store had put in a dumpster near her house. I've gotten a lot of mileage from those samples. Stamped "confidence" on it in turquoise ink, then cut it into strips. I went thru my drawers of lace and pulled out bits and pieces of trims I'd dyed over the years.

When Julie was here last weekend we went to the Lace Museum in Sunnyvale where they had a 'fill a bag with scraps for free' thing going. Among the things I got was a large piece of quite damaged pale yellow cut-work that was perfect, so I cut a piece for each flag. Stitched everything onto the flag with various aqua and blue plain old floss, then added some beads to hold the lace on. Folded the top over to make a sleeve with a running stitch.

The three shown here are for the swap. My two mail art buds are also in the swap so we're each making two more to swap among ourselves. We'll end up with 5 flags which is a nice number to hang in the back yard or craft room. The ones I made for them are a bit different - don't want to give it away before we swap them in Sept.

A simple enjoyable project made completely from things I had on hand. Doesn't get much better than that. Soon they'll be dispersing confidence vibes into the air. Lenna's swaps get people from all over the world, so no telling where they'll end up.


  1. A great post and gorgeous flags, Leslie. I love-love-love that you created them with things from your stash! I also am really smiling about the idea of confidence being carried all over the world on the wind. Thanks so much for the great write up and wonderful contribution to our project. I will let you know when they arrive in Florida!

  2. Ooh, Love the flags. You don't have to make it much different for me. I too am working on my flags when I should be working on mailart. Blame it on Lenna.LOL

  3. Leslie - arghhhhh - I am so behind on everything and here you are with these LOVELY prayer flags already to go :)

  4. Lenna's blog sent me your way and I am glad it did your pray flags are gorgeous, I to love mixed media and to read, going to subscribe by email!

  5. Hi Leslie, thank you for the kind comments on my blog..Love the flags you have created and message you have used. Yes I'm still addicted to making prayer flags, so I'm up for a 1-1 swap, can't seem to find a way of e-mailing you though?....Jan x