Sunday, August 12, 2012


With the Olympics on, I can't seem to stay away from the TV, so I packed a bunch of art stuff out to the kitchen table and made ATCs for several evenings. Here's the results, complete with notes about how and what. All are for trade except "rather wistfully" and the bluebird.
Watercolor background, torn bits of old book pages and maps, inking.
The woman is a vintage image that I layered over an old book page in photoshop,
then printed. "Adventurous" was part of a pack of printed words that I got
from someplace a long time ago. Seemed to fit with her determined expression and the map,
like she might be getting ready to set off for The Continent or something.

Background is an ancient ledger page showing onions, tea, 28 (lbs of?) sugar,
cracked corn, 2 cans of something, 3 breads. Amazing to think it was all
set down by hand, in pencil, and that was what everyone went by.
Inked thru a paper doily on left but you can't see much of it.
The brown strip is old tissue paper from the back of a frame.
The cucumber is from an old page of a gardening book, layered onto a bit of map.
"Buy the giant size..." is from a 1954 LIFE magazine layered onto a bit of
heavily inked book page.

Watercolor background with some old torn paper  and a couple pieces of washi tape.
Inked thru sequin waste for the dots. The image is a copy of an old photo
that's in poor shape and faded but I love his hat and bicycle.
"The very latest craze" is from that pack of printed words.

Watercolor background. The little girl is from a swap, I think. I had some
washi tape in a plaid with exactly her colors in it so I used that plus a polka dot.
"Mischievous" from the pack of words. This one is totally not my colors or style
but I think it's kinda cute.

Old ledger background with inking thru stencil waste and some old tissue paper.
The woman is an image that I've used before and just love for her
confident expression and soft colors. The jeweled headpiece is from a
Cadillac ad in that 1954 LIFE mag, as is the wording at top. Love the colors in this one.

Watercolor background with stamping and some washi tape.
No idea where the girl came from, prolly a swap. The phrase is from an old book.
I have a bunch of vintage books and just page thru them until I find a word
or phrase that works with what I'm doing. Love this one.

The background is watercolor with old torn paper and some inking thru drywall tape.
The girl came in a swap with little Miss Mischievous above.
The bluebird is from a set of digital images of vintage logomachy cards
I bought from Mary Green. This one cracks me up.
Looks like she was just woken from a nap by that damn bird.

Old ledger background. Cut the wall image from that 1954 LIFE mag.
The girl is a scanned old image. Cut her out so she could sit on the wall
instead of the chair she was on. "The cutest" is from the LIFE mag.
Drew some little circles with a white gel pen.


  1. these are lovely, thank you much for sharing!

  2. WOW, you have been really busy. I love these. Need to get back to making some myself so I can trade. Hugs.