Sunday, August 5, 2012

Emily knew...

Gail of Shabby Cottage re-opened her challenge blog, Mind Wide Open. I didn't know it in its first life, but jumped right in when she announced a new challenge. She gave us a gorgeous image of a girl with a butterfly tattoo on her face, on a lovely background. I went digital again, since I'm in photoshop mode today.

I liked the aqua in her tattoo so I started with three different green/aqua backgrounds, added two overlays of grungy frames and one of old film, two leaf edges, a couple glitter swirls, a butterfly image and I can't even remember what else. Did all sorts of tweaks with filters and layers, and ultimately ended up with this:

I just love the colors in it (been on an aqua binge for months now) and the overall look. I still have a long way to go to be proficient in photoshop but at least I'm now able to create art that I'm happy with.

Those of you who enjoy challenges, go check out Mind Wide Open. If she keeps up with these types of images, I'll be there every time.