Tuesday, August 21, 2012


While looking thru pictures for something else entirely, I noticed that I've come across some BIG things lately. They made me smile so I figured I'd post them.

Huge bowl I got at a yard sale for twenty five cents.
Every now and then you need a gigantic bowl for something, right?
Like to mix up that double batch of meat loaf or potato salad.
We didn't have one and I kept thinking I'd look at Wally World the next time I was there,
but then I spotted this one which is humongous and dirt cheap. Score!
(see my bottle of Kahlua on top of the fridge? now you know my secret vice)

Mongo flashlight at Costco.
Sometimes we get a Starbucks and then go wander around Home Depot or
Bed, Bath & Beyond or Costco. Our version of cheap date night.
We were doing the aisles when I spotted this flashlight that's so big
I'm not even sure what you'd use it for.
You could shine deer with it from five miles away.
Or stand on a hill and be a lighthouse.
I bet the batteries last about 3.5 minutes.

And lastly, the largest zucchini our garden produced.
I swear we checked that plant every single day, but at least once a week
we'd find a monster zuke that somehow had managed to hide
until it was two feet long. We ate a lot of stuffed zucchini this summer,
more than I was interested in eating, frankly, but no one at work
would take them any more and I was damned if I'd throw them out
after working so hard to have a good garden. 


  1. Love your BIG post. That zuke looks like it would make alot of bread. I made some for Christmas presents, wrapped it in foil and it is waiting for the lucky receiver. Of course, it may be needed for a visitor around brundh time. Or, we may use it as a late night sweet. The most amazing is the flashright. WOW.
    HUgs. bb

  2. you are so funny, Leslie!! Loved your extra-large post : 0)