Monday, September 24, 2012

a shopping I did go...

A couple times a year my husband takes off for a week or two at sea on a big fishing boat. Great fun for him and a break from household chores for me cause while he's gone, I don't do anything. I don't cook, clean, do laundry, dishes - *nothing*. I eat cereal or Taco Bell and play in the studio during the hours I'm awake and not at work. It's a blast and my week started on Saturday. Yesterday a new art friend came over at noon and finally pried herself away at 5 only because she had dinner company coming in 30 minutes and hadn't even begun the lasagna yet. We had a really good time and it's great to finally have found a local person with many of the same interests. And she lives about 8 doors down.

Today I took myself on a tour of the arty stores in a nearby town that I rarely get to. Let's see what I came home with...

This was the haul from Jo-Ann's. Some of those cool idea-ology metal tags with words and numbers on them, and a few more colors of metallic paint for my Gyspy Diary altered book.
This came home with me from Hobby Lobby. A very cool (and half price) sign that says 'color outside the lines.' Also some Chinese brushes, stamp carving material, tracing paper, black and white Stabilo-type pencils (can't find the real thing anywhere), a new brayer, and more paint. Didn't know there were so many colors.

 And this is the Aaron Bros pile. I hit the big time here. There was a bunch of Tim Holtz stuff in the HALF PRICE BIN!!! Yay. I ended up dumping it all on the floor and looking at it as I put it back. It was a temptation to just buy it all and parcel it out to friends but I restrained myself. Bought two packs of fragments, an edge rougher-upper thingie, embossing powder, slide glass, slide frames, and a 7 Gypsies pack of letters/numbers. Only the book was regular price but I had a 50% off coupon so I made out on it too. Hadn't seen this one at Barnes & Noble and it looks like fun. I spent $40 for $80 worth of stuff. Very satisfying.
 Tomorrow's it's back to work, but there's still this evening - Monday night football, cold pizza and making art!


  1. Sounds like fun to me. What a haul! And so nice to find an artsy friend. Great items and colors to use on your gypsy book. Who knows what you will find in the new Journal book. Altogether, INSPIRATIONAL!

  2. whoa! that's a lot of good stuff!! it makes me itch to go work in my journal just looking at it!

    i need your e-mail addy to put your name in the hat for the journal give away! you can e-mail me by going to my profile!


  3. Sounds like heaven to me Leslie - a new art friend - Great (but don't forget those of us far away sniff).....great haul to.