Sunday, September 30, 2012

more gypsy diaries spreads

I've done several more spreads in the altered book that I'm using for the gypsy diaries workshop. Half the fun is looking for images, thinking about layouts, cutting out all the elements. I'm all about the process when it comes to mixed media. The finished product is great, but the amount of UFOs I have laying around makes it clear that I enjoy the doing more than the done.

This one ended up being a color study simply because I like the label, which used to be one piece, and decided I was in the mood for collage. The torn book page was left over from when I needed rough book page circles for something. I colored it with distress stain, cut the flowers from one of my old books, and found the gypsy girl sticker on a 7 Gypsys sheet. The bit of paper upper left is from the class papers. It's more glittery in person and altho orange is maybe my least favorite color, I quite like this one.

I've been into horses my whole life, from when I galloped around the house with a newspaper tail pinned to my butt, whinnying at my mom when I was hungry, to competing in hunter/jumper in my twenties, to trail riding with my friend Babs for 20 years on her exceptional horses. So I've been collecting horse pictures with no particular plan for them. When I started the gypsy book, I knew a horse spread would be part of it since gypsies traveled by horse drawn wagon. I thought I'd journal more on these pages but I'm ending up being happy with them without a lot of writing. 

Many of the gypsy-ish images I found had them holding instruments of some sort so there will be a few music spreads. This on uses an old library card pocket and a tag. The more spreads I do, the less this becomes a gypsy woman book and the more it becomes a gypsy themed art journal. Which is fine. It's not like I had a bunch of stories all figured out in advance. Which is maybe the problem haha. Whatever. I'm thoroughly enjoying working in it, using class elements and ones I already have. It will be a fun book when it's done. I think there are 38 spreads to do, even after tearing out a lot of pages and gluing 3 or 4 pages together. I'm thinking of a table of contents in the front...

This is part of a quote supplied with the class. I like the entire thing but didn't feel like writing it all out. I may put it on the inside cover. I love this blue, with a bit of the book text showing thru. The woman looks like a poetess to me. Wish I was better at different types of lettering. Need to practice that.

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