Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I like Roben-Marie Smith's style - her colors, marks, projects all appeal to me. I've bought a couple of her online classes before and been happy with them so when she announced this one - Cardboard Crush - I didn't hesitate for long. You get a LOT for your money with this class. Four artists created projects for this class using cardboard and there are process videos from all four of them. I've only watched Roben-Marie's so far - two over 30 minutes and one about 25 minutes - and am making a project from her vids.

She is the queen of layers in my opinion and as I watched the vid, I jotted down what she did along the way. Then sat down and got to work with the intention of not stopping until I had outdone my previous layeriness. I also had the brains to take process shots along the way! I always love other people's process shots but rarely remember to pick up the damn camera until I'm finished. The last two pics are scans of the finished cover. Will post again when I've got it all done.


  1. Yummy! Those layers look wonderful. Glad you remembered to pick up the calendar.

  2. Marvelous! I too always forget process shots, they are fun to have afterwards. Is it going to be a book or folder kinda thing?!

  3. looking great! I love how you do your layers... and it is always fun to push yourself beyond what you have done before! I will look into that class... looks like fun!

  4. Love cardboard!
    My husband is sick of cutting it up for me...!