Friday, February 20, 2015

MMSA 3 item collage swap

When Karen posted some 3 item collage post cards on her personal blog, I thought, huh, those are cool. I also thought it would be a great idea for a swap, and sure enough, Karen announced it a couple weeks ago. I sat down and started paging thru magazines, looking for likely images.

When you have only 3 items, each one is very important. They need to relate somehow, they need to tell at least a bit of a story. I knocked out the chicken in the croc's mouth in ten minutes and then spent the rest of the week coming up with the other two. So hard! I have a whole pile of rejects on my work table that I hope will be useful for something else cause I sure couldn't make them fit into a 3 item collage.

Two of my three have something coming out of - or maybe going into - a mouth. Not sure what's going on there. Prolly just means I'm always thinking about food.

This swap put me strongly in mind of the 6-word short stories. The most famous is probably, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." I find them fascinating. If you're not familiar with them, go take a look. Then try to write one.

Still a week to get yours in the mail if you wanna play.
Yes, I cut around every one of those pointy little teeth.
Took forever.

I was going to trim off the card to clean up the torn left edge
of the elephant but then decided I liked the look.


  1. Wow Leslie - those are so cool! I did a six word story exchange awhile back - mine was "she thought it would be different" hmmmm....

  2. Love these! I've been playing with the theme too. Your chicken is my favorite!

  3. Those turned out great! I have yet to make mine. Love your combos!

  4. These are really fun! She posted some she's received and they are also very creative.....haven't attempted any yet - so immersed in this Jane class, I feel like it's taking all my creative energy.