Monday, February 16, 2015

thanks Connie!

My mail art pal Connie has been painting a lot lately and blogging her work. I like almost all of them but one of them really grabbed so I up and asked her if I could have it! The nerve, huh? But I really liked it and she and I have traded enough art that she knows I appreciate her work, so she said sure. In trade for a piece of mine yet to be created. If she spots something I post that she likes, she's say so, and I'll send it off to her. Kinda like a deal with the devil in that you don;'t know the cost until the time comes. But I'm good with that, I like having the things I create go off to live with with someone else who'll enjoy them.

Anyway, it arrived last week and I'm finally getting off my arse to blog about it. I still need to decide how to display it. Don't want to mat it cause I like the deckle edges so maybe need to just mount it in a frame on a dark background. Will play around and see what looks best.

This piece is smallish, only 5"x5" I think, or maybe 5.5" x 5.5". But look at all that's going on in it. The background has under layers of dark under the white that give it a lot of depth. I have no idea of her process to get it to look like this but love the result.

There are torn collaged papers, more paint, more papers, some rusty lines. It's all very cool, and the color scheme of bluey greens and orange is my fave. But the part the really does it for me is that grungy turquoise bit in the middle. It glows.

Just love it. Thanks, Connie, for letting me have it! It'll have a prime spot on my wall once I get the frame sorted.


  1. Nice looking piece! A lot of depth in it... looks very cool! We should try to paint some stuff like that sometime!

  2. You're so welcome, Leslie! Thanks for your nod, too. I also really like it when friends have work of mine that they love. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Very cool Leslie - love it....

  4. Great work from Connie -- so funny that you asked for the painting -- sounds like something I would do! And extra nice that she gave/traded with you. I love the wonderful spirit of art!

  5. I can see why you liked it - it's gorgeous! All the stuff we love! Be sure to share a photo of how you end up framing it.