Sunday, April 19, 2015

21 secrets 2015 Roxanne Coble

I bought 21 Secrets a few years ago when it was only $59 or so. Now it's $98, which still isn't a ton of money for 21 classes, but I didn't even go look at the class line up this time since I had enough classes to work on. Then I started seeing pictures in the 21 Secrets FB group of work coming out of Fragments & Mysteries, Roxanne Coble's workshop. I was fascinated, and finally swallowed the hook and bought the workshop.

Glad I did because I never would have figured out the layers by myself. I've finished 1 spread and have 3 more in progress. Very interesting way of working. The theory is that you study your painted/collaged page to find fragments that speak to you. That didn't happen for me on this one, but I'm sort of not surprised as I am not one to find hidden meaning in *anything*.

Anyway, here's my finished first spread. As I'm writing this in blogger, I'm positioning the two pictures side by side, like a spread. But by the time you see it on whatever platform you use, they may be one above the other. In any case, left hand page is 1st, right hand page 2nd.

I like the colors a lot, and the doodling was a workout. Will keep this way of working in my bag of tricks because it suits my "plan? what plan?" way of doing things.


  1. OooOooooo nice....I am looking forward to seeing these up close and in person......

  2. Your doodles are great! Especially the "veins".
    When you find the fragments that speak to you, what then? Or is that one of the 21 secrets?! ;-)

  3. These are really fantastic! I love Roxanne's work.