Tuesday, April 21, 2015

dlp2015 week 15 acrylics

Ok, finally back to a medium I'm comfortable with. Started with a painty piece of under-paper, did my usual collage, paint, doodle thing and wound up with a page I like. What a surprise. Found some nonsense words I liked and stitched them on, then glued the whole thing to my journal page.

In case it isn't obvious, or maybe I forgot to explain, I'm doing dlp2015 on individual sheets of heavy watercolor paper 9"w x 6"t. Tore 9x12 sheets in half. Left edge has two holes to fit into a little binder thing I have. Will put them all in when done and have a dlp2015 book. wa-la

The watery triangles are a stamp I made, using watered down black
acrylic to stamp with. Love the softness as opposed to the hard
edges of a stamp done with an ink stamp pad.


  1. Catching up on all your recent posts Leslie! Though I think I have seen most of your stuff (except the "clean" joke lol)....Love your DLP entries...J

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