Sunday, April 19, 2015

dlp2015 weeks 11 & 12

I see that March 13 was my last post. I do so much on Instagram now - which also loads to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr (which I don't even know how to log into anymore but still collecting followers lol), and Flickr - that coming over here to write about it feels like a bit of an afterthought. But I'm not ready to quit blogging yet, so I'll do some catching up.

I'm still on track with doing the pages each week, just behind in blogging about them. I love that DLP2015 is completely free and has a lot of fun vids. While they are not step by step tutorials, it's always neat to watch someone else use the same supplies you have sitting around, and I often come away with something new to try or a reminder of a technique I'd forgotten about. So, thanks! Roben Marie and Art to the 5th ladies!!

There are sorts of interpretations of "borders" but, as usual,
I chose the most literal and made borders around my page.
I think I had visions of quilt-type borders, but alas,
I ended up with this, my least fave page so far. gack

On to "focus". I wanted a main element on the page that would
be the focal point. Doodling doesn't come naturally to me
but I worked at it and wound up with this. Like the colors
and I guess I like the page well enough. 


  1. Cool cards! So are you really on Facebook? Have a great Sunday.

  2. You are busy! What is your Instagram name?