Friday, November 12, 2010

Autumn in Paris collage

One of the many blogs I follow (can't find it now <grrr>) issued a challenge to make something using a bit of nature. I picked up some leaves the other day while walking the dog and glued them to an old book cover. I didn't plan to end up with the two darkest ones together, but they changed color after I glued them, so I was stuck. I suppose I should have sealed them first, but I'm still a rookie at this glueing stuff.

Didn't have anything particular in mind yet, but then I came across a hand tinted image of a woman in autumn-y colors and decided she'd work well.

On the collage sheets from a GreenPaper class I'm taking were the postcard from Paris and an image of the Eiffel Tower, and so I ended up with this.

 I left the edges of the leaves hanging off the book cover but they're quite fragile, so I expect I'll end up breaking them off on purpose so that I can control what happens.

Autumn colors were never my favorites, but it's just amazing how your tastes change as you age. Mine, at least. All those colors my mom tried to dress me in that I fought tooth and nail, now all appeal to me. Greens, lavenders, rusts.

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