Wednesday, November 3, 2010

GreenPaper November Challenge

I'm not so sure about this one. The challenge was to use the image of the baby, the elephant and a small faintly lined sheet of paper with a spray of flowers - all in one collage. Baby and flowers - yes. The elephant? Not so much. but I needed to cover the front of the little book I'm using to do various challenges in and what could be more appropriate than a real challenge?

While leafing thru a book for inspiration, I passed by the copyright and publishing info at the front. Hmmm... publishing... pachyderm. At least they both started with a P. Anyway, I ended up doing this:

I reduced the size of the elephant image in Photoshop, then cut him from his background and did some layering with a strip of old book and a piece of my seemingly endless Starbucks scone bag from a couple weeks ago. (I've gotten more use from that scone bag) I'm not real sure what he's supposed to be doing down there but I was pretty stuck for ideas.

I see all sorts of things wrong with this now - too many different shapes, only the one element has any color - but live and learn. I guess I like the overall impression, but now that I'm done, all sorts of ideas have popped into my head. I may do another one or two using these 3 images, just to prove that I can! LOL

Anyway, this early in my collaging career, challenges are a great way to learn. Seeing what other people do with the same images is very inspirational. And a bit depressing cause they all seem much more creative than me. But I'm having fun, which is my goal for now, and hopefully I'll improve.


  1. Hi, Leslie! Your take on Mary's challenge is very interesting - and, remember, anything goes in collage. I read through your last few posts and found your blog to be quite fun!

  2. This is terrific, what a great idea to use a challenge on the cover of challenges!

  3. Great idea - Pachyderm Publishing! She's such a sweet image, isn't she? What a lovely idea to put her on the cover.