Thursday, November 25, 2010

theme thursday ATC with flowers

This is the first time I've participated in this blog's challenge. Each week a theme is posted and you make an ATC per the theme, then blog about it. So... here I am.

The image of the little girl was part of the package that some violet stamps came in at least 1-12 years ago. I love purple and orange together and she'd been sitting around waiting for a call to action - an ATC with flowers seemed perfect. The pansy at bottom left was cut from a sheet of stickers that I've had forever. It's amazing the things I keep coming across that I've had for a long time and were originally purchased for something else entirely. Collage seems to know no bounds when it comes to using stuff up. Excellent craft for a pack rat like me...

I stamped the 3 small pansies, (last one is out of line, damn it) then colored them in a bit. Wrote 'violets' when I really should have found the word in a magazine or something since my handwriting is pretty poor. But I like the overall look well enough. Really like the diagonal striped paper. I thought it might look a bit odd or make the whole thing look like it was leaning left, but I kept coming back to it and it seems to work.

I continue to love working small - an ATC is 2.5"x3.5" - and went ahead and cut up a bunch  of background paper into 2.5" wide strips so that I can get going a little quicker when the ATC urge strikes me. Gotta make an ATC NOW!


  1. Thanks! I didn't think anyone was reading this thing lol! Which doesn't stop me from posting away...

  2. Wow,this atc is so beatiful,i love the compostion and all elements,i love it,great artwork.

    hugs and smile