Monday, November 8, 2010

more ATCs

I'm taking the Collage Basics class at GreenPaper. Our first assignment was to create an ATC, so I hauled out the many image sheets she'd supplied us with and, trying to pay attention to her lessons (scale, color, balance, etc) made a couple ATCs.

The first one is themeless, near as I can tell. A little girl, a stamp from Yugoslavia, a postmark from Paris, a couple pages torn from old books. ??? No common ground there that I can see. LOL

However, the colors are good and the whole things balances out pretty well. I darkened her necklace a little cause she's so plain, and gave her skin and dress and bow some color with blending chalks.

Not one of my favorites, but ok.

The second one I like. I'd been eyeing the image of the couple for several days but didn't have any idea what to do with them. That's where I'm really weak at this - thinking up the concept, the theme, the motivation.

But I'd just bought a pack of 4 paper place mats at Michaels for $0.20 and the background went with the couple, so I got started.

They're obviously dressed up, so I figured they were going out.

Night on the Town popped into my head. Took me forever to find all 4 words in the same old book. From there, I didn't have much trouble deciding to add the music and the fortune teller's card, which looks like an opera program, maybe.

It still looked sort of empty at the top, so I added the flourish stamp, then the words, and finally, a little star charm.

I'm still having fun with the ATC size. It's perfect for words from a book, it's not too large to intimidate me, and the smallness means almost instant gratification.


  1. Hi Leslie,

    I'm putting together a post on my blog about some of the art coming out of the Collage Basics class. Would you let me include your piece, the night on the town (heck, any one you like they're all good)?

    I'll list your name and link it to a blog or Flickr stream, which ever you prefer. If it's ok, will you please forward a copy to me? I don't like to take things off blogs or flickr if I can help it.

    THANK YOU in advance!


  2. Geez, sorry - I didn't even notice that I had a comment. Of course you can use any of my work in whatever manner you like. I'll send it right now. Thanks!

  3. I do love these 2 ATCs you made, Leslie. I remember them from class. wonderful! lenna