Friday, December 31, 2010

Collage Obsession challenge ATCs

The current Collage Obsession challenge was to use an image of the couple provided.

A few days ago I made up a bunch of ATC blanks with various patterned papers and grabbed a couple that went with the greens and browns in the image. These are what I ended up with.

I deepened the green on the lapel for the first one to better go with the paper and the stamp ink. They sort of look like they're whispering so I paged thru an old book until I found a bit of dialog that fit.

I also can't quite decide if the one on the right is a woman dressed as a man. Maybe it's a costume party?

For the second one, I added a strip of old postcard, a little image of a ship, and a few doo-dads up in the corner to fill in that area.

I love the background paper on this one. It's from a small pack I bought when I first got into collaging and I'll be sorry when it's gone.

I'm happy with both of these, but think I like the bottom one best.

I tinkered with the image in Photoshop and intensified the colors. I may do a couple more in a stronger palette.


  1. Wow these are wonderful.
    Fantastic designs. Love it.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Very pretty Leslie. I love the use of words on collages.

  3. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for commenting on my gothic arches. I really appreciate it! If you ever want to swap for one of my Celtic ATCs, feel free to ask. Love the ATCs you've made.