Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tonight I Danced

As I said when I posted my digital collage for GreenPaper's challenge, I really like the images. While baking piles of cookies this afternoon, I made a paper collage from those elements. The whole thing is more turquoise and less green than it appears here. I fiddled a bit in Photoshop trying to get it to look right, but it's still off.

Anyway, the girl looks wistful to me somehow, so I found an old postcard image and created a postcard home to her mama.

The writing is a font since my writing is way too scrawly for this sort of thing. Plus, I'd be sure to drag my hand thru the ink or some damn thing and have to do it five times to get it right.

This piece is about 4.5"x7". I just couldn't fit everything onto an ATC this time, altho I tried for a while before I gave up and went larger. I also ran lots of names thru my head while measuring flour and cracking eggs, but kept coming back to Sophie. I've always liked it and it sounds French to me.

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  1. This is so touching! Sweet message to Mama!