Tuesday, December 7, 2010

envelopes, envelopes... I can't stop decorating envelopes

I ran across the Creative Swaps blog while perusing the work of Lenna Young Andrews, who was in one (or both) of the GreenPaper collage classes I took. She had a Mail Art swap going and the examples looked like fun, so after making a test run envelope to make sure I could, I signed up. And now I can't seem to stop. In no particular order, here's a look at some of them.
 Cranberries for Julie. Oops, Julie - you're going to see this here before it gets to your house...
 This one has sequins glued (E6000!!) to the front of it. When it gets to its destination, I'll check with the recipient to see if they made it past the tender mercies of the USPS. The scan looks weird cause the stamp hasn't been put on yet and I stuck a piece of paper over my addy, but this is a pretty one.
 I cut a bunch of diamonds out of a Zales Jewelry flyer. Perfect sparkley snow flakey sort of things. And couldn't resist the dragonfly. I love this one.
 Kinda basic but cute.
This looks hodge-podgey to me now, but I liked it a lot when I made it LOL. Forgot to ink the edges. <sigh>


  1. I can tell you have had lots of fun doing mail art, Leslie! Isn't it exciting to be waiting for our envelopes to come back?? I would be curious to know if the sequins stay attached as the envy goes through the mail, too.

  2. Your holiday envelopes look great, Leslie! I am so glad the swap has inspired you to do more. I'll be announcing another swap soon and I hope you will join us!