Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tacky Jackie ATCs

There's a swap going on the artisttradingcards Yahoo group called Totally Tacky. I read the rules and thought about it for a few days. Pink flamingos? Bad 60s hair? Hippie tie dye stuff? Garden gnomes?

I wasn't real inspired until an idea came to me - take a really classy person and tacky them up. So I signed up for the swap and went off to google images to search for a suitably high class person to desecrate.

And so today I present to you <drum roll> Tacky Jackie!!!

The black shape inside the star is actually a shiny purple sequin.

I used the least favorite of my fancy papers for the backgrounds. It reminds me of the kitchen in my first apartment. I like rusts and browns but plain old orange just doesn't do it for me.

Got out my Dymo label maker machine for the words.

Coloring her dress three different ways really taxed my meager art skills but they came out ok. I've never owned anything leopard-printed in my life, but we watched a show on leopards the other night, so that's where that thought came from.

Madonna's breast cone things came to mind as I was mulling over really tacky stuff, so I did a set of those. (I've never owned those either!)

No idea where the third dress came from. Maybe I owned something like it in Jr High...

Sequins, turquoise eye shadow, butterfly hair ornaments, talking birds, metallic markers, smiley faces - nothing was off limits as I worked away on poor Jackie.

Hopefully the people who receive her in the swap won't be outraged by my treatment of an American icon.

But even putting her in breast cones is kinder treatment than the tabloids were, I suppose.

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