Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Great Doodle Pen Review

Daisy Yellow grabbed every marker she could find in her house and tested them all in a geometric design she drew. Very cool to see them all like that. Then she invited her blog readers to get involved. Looked like fun to me, so in between customers today I fiddled with various designs to use as my base. None of the doodley ones did much for me, so I made a rectangle and divided it up. The Gellyroll Moonlight pens I ordered the other day conveniently arrived in today's mail at work, so I started with a couple of those. When I got home, I got out everything I owned and finished it off. When I made the base design, I was actually a little worried that I'd run out of spaces, but I guess I don't have as many markers as I think I do, because I have a few spots left, even with repeating a few of the markers in a different color just to see a dark and a light of the same pen.

This was done on white card stock. A few things bled through the back, most notably the Copic Ciaos and the Prismacolor. A couple you can hardly read, even tho they're quite bright on the actual page - left side 4th up from the bottom is a neon orange Gelly Roll Moonlight medium, and right side just above the Prang is another Zazzle liquid ink hi-liter in bright pink. I have no idea where some of these came from, and two of them had no markings whatsoever on the pen. Way to go marketing department of forever anonymous company. If I loved this pen and wanted more, I guess you'd just be S.O.L. huh?

This was fun. Makes me want to do a great big color test - all the purples lined out next to one another, then all the greens, etc, on thru the rainbow. Hmmm... maybe I'll just do that.

If you have questions about any pens or markers I used, just ask.

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