Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday studio shots

More interesting ones this time, I hope.
A small table just inside the door is covered with an old dresser scarf and holds a couple (empty) boxes I like and some nature stuff from walks with the dog.

Dried leaves, flowers, berries, a twisted bit of vine. Nothing special about any of them, I just like the look of them laying there. My mom did stuff like this all the time, so I come by it honestly.

The little drawer holds part of my button stash. And for as many buttons as are in that drawer, occasionally I still can't find exactly the color I need.
The straight-on view of my craft desk. I work on a pile of single sheets of newspaper so I can just throw the top one away when it gets too grungy. Same with the pile on the right. It's scrap paper from work, and I do my glue-sticking there. I always run over the edges of the piece I'm gluing, so I work from top left to bottom right, kind of in rows, then fold the paper in half and keep gluing. Then it goes in the trash and I move on to the next sheet. When I'm elsewhere than my desk, I use an old Pennysaver or other trash mail magazines that I can just flip to a new page as needed. 
The little drawers ad the V8 box at top right hold my rubber stamps. You can see where I was testing stamps earlier today. Metallic and other various markers are in the mug-in-the-box at far top right. 

Paints at back left and front center. Pearl-x powders at front left. ATC blanks and ATCs in progress behind. Various bottled inks at top right. Misc tools and knives in the back right boxes.

Crayons, chalk pastels, watercolor pencils.  

This is the shelf above the previous pic. Colored pencils, crazy quilt pincushion, sequin waste, misc junk, all of it very important lol.

Immediately to the left so that I can swivel to it - cutting mat, rulers and roller blade on a rolling cart. I have no idea what the files hold, haven't looked in them in months. Misc strips of paper for edges, borders, etc on the little shelf below along with some pretty post-its and paper tapes. 
And that's it for today. I might have works in progress tomorrow...

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  1. Loved seeing a glimpse of your studio. Looks well-used and well-loved! I spotted some pyrographic boxes... aren't they fun? I collect those, too. Glad to find your blog, thanks to your link to mine (I appreciate that!) Your journal pages are wonderful! I'm subscribing so I'll be sure to see more.