Monday, May 16, 2011

parrots in the park

I took the dog to the dog park today, just ahead of yet more rain. While she dashed around, I drew in my journal. My drawing skills are really lame, so I drew something I knew I wouldn't get too frustrated with - birds. Several of them, stacked on one another, and colored in fantasy shades with colored pencils. Once I got home, I went over the colors with my hotsy totsy Copics to smooth out the pencil marks and shade them a bit. Very enjoyable hour except for the dog drool on the way home.
It would have been much easier to draw the bottom one first, then start the second one where he left off, but no, I drew the top one first, then had to fit in the others on down the page. Good old hind sight. Played with their eyes a bit, looking this way and that. The background just looks sort of blah in the picture, but it's a pale orange with a few spots, prepared a few weeks ago during a painting binge on the kitchen table.


  1. Hi L - thought I'd drop by - you sure have a lot of markers (LOL) - you put my art stash to shame...and you always have to make allowances for doggy spit. I love your doodles, drawings, etc. very cool.

  2. leslie, I do not think your drawing skills are lame at all!! I love this page.

  3. I think it was genius to start at the top and work down on your birds. you are just practicing for the next mail art. And, as far as markers... could you lend me some through the phone since I have soo few. You probably saw my studio. I'm put to shame by your stash and organization. At any rate, keep up the cool work! Maybe you can incorporate dog spit into one of your creations;<)

  4. Hiya - Love your marker review. I found daisy yellow's via Google while looking up new pens/markers (I'm a fanatic) - and then followed your comment over here. Really glad I did!

    I just wanted to comment on your "lame" drawing skills. NUH-UH!! I think you draw fabulously well - I wish I could draw as well as you do. I have issues with stick people - even using a ruler and compass!

    Great job. Great blog. Entertaining and informative. I'll definitely be back for more - thank you for the hard work you put in to inspiring people. That's quite a gift! :)

    xx - Katherine