Sunday, May 1, 2011

wind makes you crazy

In an ongoing effort to free my inner... whatever, I'm running amok in the pages of an art journal. And even more strangely, I'm going to share the pages with the world.

It was really windy the other day, which drives me bonkers, so I came home and got it all out of my system on this journal spread. I'd done the background a few weeks ago when I was playing with paints. It looked like gusty wind to me, so I used it.

I did some writing in gold gel pen at an angle on the right page - you can sorta see it. I talked about how I could totally understand the poor housewives of the newly settled plains states going slowly insane from the unrelenting wind. Not that I have the urge to butcher my neighbors with an ax, but I can appreciate the basic instinct that drove them to such horrific acts.

You can barely see him, but there's an unshaven, going-bald man up in the upper right hand corner, blowing as hard as he can. 

Self-portrait, when the wind is shrieking across the parking lot at work, blowing away tumbleweeds, trash, and my mental health. My husband took one look at this and asked me if I needed therapy. I told him no, I'll be fine - I have an art journal.