Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday studio shots

Except today they're mostly just around the house and in no particular order.
My grocery store tulips. They were lovely on the table when we had friends over for Easter breakfast. Then we got invited next door for dinner and I took them as a hostess gift, so I got to enjoy them for only a few hours, Might stop and see if they have any more on the way to work tomorrow...

My various tote bags hanging in the hall with some berry garland that I leave out year-round just cause I like the way it looks. The two crazy quilt items on the left will be going on eBay soon.

Some of DH's exotic wood standing in a crate. Every time he looks askance at my growing pile of art supplies, I glance at the door to the garage which houses tens of thousands of dollars in wood and tools and machines. 'Nuff said.

The gopher snake found by the girl next door. It was swimming in their pool, by accident, I imagine. She turned it loose in the big drainage culvert behind our back fence. Snakes are very cool.

Me in front of a crazy quilt underwater scene in the downstairs bath. 

The enchiladas we made. They were amazing. I could eat Mex once a day for the rest of my life. 
The first piece of Teesha Moore inspired art I made. What crazy fun these are. I'll do a whole post on them soon. So different from my quilting years where every point had to match and everything had to be squared up. These goofy pages are a total 180.

And last but not least, the studio in all its messy glory. Boxes and boxes of stuff for eBay and Goodwill. The fleece jacket and pillow case that need mending are still hanging over the back of the far chair on the right...

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