Wednesday, April 20, 2011

stars & stripes swap and returns

Yet another ATC swap. They're like potato chips, I swear. When I get a marginal card back, I say I'm done with swaps for a while, but then I'll look at the list and a new one will jump out at me, and I'll think about what I'd make if I was gonna do that swap and pretty soon I've signed up!

Anyway, this one was stars and stripes, but nothing so obvious as the flag. The ATCs could be any theme or subject matter, just had to have stars and/or stripes on them.
I called this one A Butterfly in the Hand... Clever, huh? Love that Tim Holtz tissue tape. I've now bought 3 packs of it off eBay and it's very cool. This little girl with her fisted hands makes me smile.
This is The Heiress. I really want hair like that and a huge hat. But especially the hair. Since mine is short and gray, it'll never happen but I love the Gibson Girl look.
This is The Musicologist. I was just flipping thru one of my old dictionaries and came to that word. I never really thought about it being a word but I liked it and I had some vintage music from thrift shopping when I was in San Diego in January. 

These are all neat cards. I was very pleased with what I got back this time. The fish is hand drawn. I'm always impressed with people who do hand drawn cards for swaps where it isn't mandatory, but maybe they hate to collage. I dunno. I'm just glad they draw cause I'm not very good at it and really appreciate the cards when I get one. 

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