Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday studio shots - the inaugural post

Because I have no shame and because I love seeing other people's creative areas, every Sunday I'm going to post pictures of what my studio looks like that day.  Here goes.
This is my computer desk, just to the left of my craft desk. Color printer hulking just to the left, b/w printer in the center, up on top of the paper trays. Above it a little green shelf with various hand made items on it. Sewing machine on the far left, under the window so I can see well. Fleece jacket that needs tailoring draped over chair (been there 3 weeks). Pillow case that needs mending under jacket, been there 6 weeks. Michaels coupons at lower right. Just enough room for my hands to get to the keyboard.
Craft desk. Finished ATCs for book page background swap at center. White sports tape DH didn't use for basketball hanging on front of stamp storage drawers (wait - don't throw that out! I'll use it in a journal!!  big eye roll from him). Newly acquired rolls of Tim Holtz tissue tape on shelf just below sports tape. Old wooden box of paints at left from making journal page backgrounds a couple days ago. Hand made pottery mug of glue sticks at lower right edge, next to little flower-topped glass jar containing Vaseline from peeling paint technique swap weeks ago. Wire box of ATC blanks below and just to left of Tim Holtz tissue tape, next to margarine tub of water from painting session. 

Roller blade cutter, ruler and mat at center front, left over from quilting days, works great for paper. Ironed lace hanging on back of door, right above the18-drawer chest I bought one time with Farrah while coming back from lunch when I worked in Oceanside. Love that thing, perfect for holding all the little stuff. I have it arranged alphabetically. I'll go thru it some day row by row and show you all the goodies. White shelves in center hold all the stuff I use most - flat boxes of various papers on top, stamp pads, paints, clips to hold things together while glue dries, etc, etc. 

This is the wall across from the desks. Bookcase chock full of books to alter, to scan, to tear pages from. Dog bed for Mags, box of books for library book sale, old white table drug in from family room cause it was easier to carry the table than put all the stuff on it away. Big TV I hardly ever look at except every July for the Tour de France and every two years for the Olympics. Makes a great place to hang the hand dyed crepe paper rolls I bought while in San Diego in January.

And because this is the first look at my room for some of you, let me say that it almost always looks at least somewhat like this - stacks of stuff on the floor (eBay piles, Goodwill piles, etc) but right now it's particularly bad because I'm weeding thru the way-too-much-stuff I've accumulated since I got into paper arts.

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