Saturday, April 23, 2011

my day job

I'm having a good day - got enough sleep (thank you, Ambien), the line at the bank was short, and I had a yummy lunch (peanut butter and Nutella sandwich with pretzels and cold water). My day job is Admin of Fixed Operations for a group of five motorcycle stores and here's a look at my chunk of space.
This is looking left from my chair - a big white bookcase filled with all sorts of stuff. Food, assorted papers for the printer, the daily cash recons, phone books, fruit, The New Yorker cartoon daily calendar (not as fun as I thought it would be), box of various OTC drugs (allergy, headache, upset tummy), my beat up taped together back and forth to work box that I haul all sorts of things around in. Way easier for me than a briefcase.
This is one turn to the right of the bookcase. My messy desk. Birthday poster on the wall, my own tape gun because everyone else ruins them and I wanted MY OWN, the ever-present bottle of h2o, a pile of keys that I need to figure out what they go to, signs I'm in the process of making (but I'm blogging instead), markers and hi-liters cause I like color in my day. The two white pieces of foam by the keys are something I found in the trash on my way to the ladies room a while ago. Looks like they might make neat stamp imprints so I grabbed them.
Once more click to the right. More signs, lots of scrap paper cause I write a lot of notes, phone with shoulder cradle cause of my car wreck neck, my outdated roller ball mouse that I love, blogger screen ready to start this post. I sit at the back of a long skinny room and have kind of this wall between me and everything else. I can duck down behind the monitor and stay below the radar when I need to surf eBay or something. Also have a window behind me so lots of natural light, which I really enjoy. 

And that's about all that's interesting. 

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